5 Foods You Can Eat While Wearing Braces

Posted by Ousama El-Hillal | August 10, 2015

Orthodontic patients are provided a list of foods that they need to avoid while they’re in treatment, however today weíre sharing some of the best foods to consume that you’ll not only enjoy but that won’t impair your braces.

Following are 5 foods you can eat while wearing braces.

1. Soothing Smoothies
Smoothies have the ability to soothe your mouth after having braces applied or adjusted, or if your mouth feels a bit sore after eating firmer foods. With the right ingredients, smoothies can make a healthy meal replacement as well. Just throw whatever you like in a blender (leaning toward the healthy), add in a bit of protein to make it filling and add a bit of spinach as well (you probably won’t even taste it but it’s loaded with nutrients). If you decide to make a mixed berry smoothie, be sure to brush your teeth right away to remove any seeds that may have been caught in your braces. You can also gently use a pick (make it a soft one) to remove any seeds.

2. Vegetables and Fruits
Itís a well-known fact that vegetables and fruits are good for you, but a lot of patients who wear braces assume they need to avoid them. This simply is not the case. You can even eat your favorites raw if you cut them into tiny pieces. If you want to avoid the hassle of cutting up your veggies you can always steam them, making them easier to chew.

3. “Easy to Chew” Protein Choices
While a steak dinner isn’t the best meal choice when you’ve just had your braces put in, you don’t need to avoid meat altogether. There are always options available to you like lunch meats and meatloaf. Or how about your favorite baked fish? If its protein youíre after, you can also eat eggs, think quiche, omelets or simple scrambled eggs. There are a lot of tasty, soft protein options available to you.

4. Breads and Grains
Soft breads, pastas and rice are great food options when you have braces. When it comes to bread/grains, choose pancakes, biscuits, muffins without seeds or nuts and sliced, whole wheat lunch bread. Soft cooked rice and noodles are good options as well.

5. Mix Things Up
Why not mix things up a bit and make eating more interesting? Having braces gives you the perfect opportunity to try new foods. Why not try a soft cheese you’ve never had before? Or a tasty whole grain like quinoa or couscous? How about a baked apple or pear, or a new low sugar pudding recipe? You might just discover a fun, delicious new staple to enjoy on a regular basis.

If you’re wearing the Invisalign braces option, there aren’t any food restrictions, however you still need to practice good oral hygiene. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth after each snack or meal as well as placing your Invisalign aligners back in your mouth after you eat.

Ousama El-Hillal
Ousama El-Hillal, referred to as Dr. O by patients, staff and friends is an Orthodontist at E&S Orthodontics. He founded E&S Orthodontics, Your Chandler Orthodontist with Dr. Saavedra in 2004. He is driven to create Wide Beautiful Smiles Without Extractions.

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