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We have a gentle, caring approach to the orthodontic work that we do. Each of our orthodontic team members are here to assist you with whatever orthodontic work that you need to have done, while also answering any of the questions you may have.


E&S Orthodontics Provides Multiple Orthodontics Treatments

Here at E&S Orthodontics Chandler, you can obtain the highest quality orthodontics work. Whether you’ve been referred by your dentist, or you wish to have a brighter, more noticeable smile, our orthodontics staff can make that happen.


Have That Beautiful Smile in
No Time!

Our professional orthodontists have been through rigorous training, and continue to stay up to date on the latest technological advances such as painless braces systems. E&S Orthodontics Chandler provides the Damon braces system, and Invisalign.


We Give Back to the Community and Our Patients

We believe that having a strong tie to the community we work in makes our company grow, makes us provide better services to each of our patients and shows that we care.

Get a Different Approach to Orthodontics with E&S Orthodontics Chandler

With E&S Orthodontics, you get a different approach to orthodontics. Not only does the orthodontics staff come up with a personalized plan to fit your needs, but you have two orthodontists to work with. Each provides their own approach, either based on the treatment plan or on experience to provide the patient with the smoothest plan possible, to effectively reach the desired orthodontics results. Both, Dr. El-Hillal and Dr. Saavedra make patients feel at ease, comfortable and help to make the treatment plan more understandable. Feel more at ease when you have two orthodontists helping you, instead of just one.

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Your first initial exam and consultation is on us! This is the first step to getting a more
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Your first appointment will include:

  • X-Rays
  • Intramural Scans Which Produce a 3D model of your teeth and jaw
  • Treatment Advice from our Knowledgeable Orthodontist Team
  • Detailed Quote and Timeline of Completion

The initial exam is pain-free. It is just to get a look at your teeth and make any
recommendations for the treatment plan that is necessary for a beautiful smile.


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